My Journey As A Student Leader At Postman

My Journey with Postman Student Programs and How you can Excel Through These Programs Both As a Learner And a Mentor

Aanchal Mishra
5 min readMay 2, 2021

Hello Everyone. I’m Aanchal Mishra, a junior at SNDT Women’s University. Communities have a very special place in my heart and I’m actively associated and work with some of the most active Technical Communities and Organizations in India. Engaging with Postman in their educational programs specially designed for Students has been one of the most strengthening and fulfilling experiences that I’ve had till now.

Getting Introduced to Postman Student Program ‍🚀

I initially heard about the Postman Student Programs from Mr. Ali Mustufa Shaikh, Student Community Manager, Postman, who is also a good friend and mentor to me since I got involved in Technology and Communities. I discussed the process of becoming a Postman Student Expert. After filling the application form with my personal details I was directed to complete the Postman Student Expert Training.

You can learn about Postman Student Programs and Apply to become a Postman Student Expert here:

After successfully completing my training, I submitted my collection as instructed and received my certified badge of Postman Student Expert.

My verified Postman Student Expert Badge

Tip: In case you get stuck in any of the steps in the training, You can easily get them solved on Postman Community Forum.

Receiving Exclusive Free Access To The Postman Galaxy Conference 🎉

Once I received my badge, I was invited to join the Postman student programs online community. As a part of the online forum, I connected with so many like-minded people to talk and discuss ideas and experts to answer technical queries, and take part in captivating challenges for Postman Student Experts to leverage as many benefits we could from the program!!

One such fun challenge was given by Postmanauts to Postman Student Experts - “ Explain APIs to your grandparents and win free tickets to Postman Galaxy!!”. So, Postman Galaxy is a global, virtual Postman user conference. The event gathers the world’s most enthusiastic API builders, testers, managers, and executives for a rocket-load of action-packed online event activities and content about all things API.

Fortunately, my submission in that challenge was selected among the ones to be receiving a free entry to Postman Galaxy!!

Postman Galaxy was indeed one of the richest and most applicative conferences, that I’ve ever attended. 3 days of leveling up the API approaches, key resources, certifications, and mind-bending talks with Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, NASA veteran Dr. Ellen Ochoa, and AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr.

I also received an exclusive conference gift upon completing the workshop activities and challenges.

Getting Accepted In Postman Student Leader Program 🎯

After receiving immense love and support from Postman, I then discussed on the forum, how can I contribute more to the community and help other tech Enthusiasts.

Discussion with Mr. Ali, Student Community Manager, Postman

Based on my curiosity to contribute and learn more, I was invited by Mr. Ali for an informative conversation, where we discussed how I can promote API literacy on my Campus and my professional network in general, then he also provided access to amazing Postman resources for organizing events. Overall the Postman Student Community managers team has structured the resources in a very systematic and transparent manner. Hence, it becomes extremely helpful for those who want to excel as a mentor or a learner as the team provides amazing tools, kits, and access to resources as per the requirement.

My first APIs 101 workshop that I hosted in my Campus

After hosting my very first session on APIs 101 with Postman, I then submitted the event report with detailed feedback of the event to the team after which I received the mail that they’ve evaluated my report and wished to move forward with my candidacy for the Postman Student Leadership Program. So I finally achieved this milestone and I’m fortunate to be one of the first Postman Student Leaders across the globe to be promoted in the first cohort of the Postman Student Leader Program.

My verified Postman Student Leader Badge

This program specifically focuses on empowering the Postman Student Experts to become a leader on their campus promoting API literacy amongst their peers. As a Postman Student Expert, you receive a ton of amazing opportunities +access to Postman resources and an Invitation to the online Postman Student Leader Program community. Everything else is a cherry on top.

I also got an opportunity to be featured as one of the first Postman Student Leaders in the community on the postman Blog!!🥰 You can read the full blog written by one of our Postman Student Community Manager, Mei’lani Eyre: Announcing the Postman Student Leader Program

Some Highlights of my journey as a Postman Student Leader till date ‍🚀

Conducted a session on APIs 101 with one of the Postman Student Expert from my campus, Anika Tibrewala
Postman Student Leaders virtual meet-greet and treat

After announcing the first cohort of Postman Student Leaders, our student community managers, Ali and Mei’lani Eyre hosted a meetup so that we could meet our fellow Postman Student Leaders in the US and India. (P.S. Postman also sent vouchers for everyone to order food on the meetup day!! 🥰)

I’ve honestly loved being part of the Postman Student community for the past 5 months and I’m just waiting to learn, grow and connect with more and more like-minded tech enthusiasts joining the community in the upcoming months with the constant support of my student community managers and Mentors, Ali and Mei’lani Eyre.

And if you’ve already read this Postman Blog, that I mentioned in the above section, then hopefully you’d have read my point of view on joining the Postman student community where I mentioned:

“Being a Postman Student Leader also means being a mentor. And it’s really satisfying to help other tech enthusiasts learn the skills that will help them reach their goals.”

So, if you’re interested in learning and/or joining the Postman Student Program as a Student or an Educator, do visit the following link:

Connect with Postman:

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